This manly guy will have to pass secret evaluation before he’s accepted to the order. Jerking off and pleasing his superior should be basic skill for freshly baptized Mormon. Check out how he will fare in the eyes of his horny boss!

Becoming field missionary is a hard work, but rewards should be obvious. For some it can be visiting exotic places, never before seen by civilized men, for others it could be a chance to discover sexuality of foreign guys.

No priest will ever miss out on opportunity to ordain his subordinate. Especially when the mentioned subordinate is a cute young guy and priest is a horny aging gay guy with uncontrollable desires.

This bad boy missed out on Sunday church meeting. Instead he went out to drink with his buddies and court some random floozy. Well this won’t stand in our church! He will be disciplined firmly and without remorse!

Every church has different kind of initiation rituals. In some you have to get wet; in others you must eat some cookies. In our all you have to do is enjoy some sweet loving from our dedicated priests. Yeah you get wet too, but its much more fun than the old ways!

Mormon Boyz Review

Mormon Boyz Review
Mormon Boyz

If you think religious guys are pious and sexually repressed, think again. All that repression turns handsome guys into horny gay who are willing to do anything to escape daily boredom. Once you see these amazing Mormon boys in action, you’ll never want another!